Montgomery Site Construction

When quality as well as completion date are equally important, we’re the crew for the job.

New Construction

Commercial, civil and residential

Existing Improvements

Additions, alterations, maintenance and repairs


Land clearing, structure removal, new rights of way, earth moving, trenching, concrete breaking, vegetation removal, grubbing


Site prep, poured concrete, stone, digging, footing 

Painting & Exterior

Framing, carpentry, prefab installation, resurfacing and refinishing  

Heavy Civil Engineering Construction

Earth moving, tandem dump hauling, dams, waterways

Industry Best Management Practices

We choose to follow the safest, most efficient standards in the industry, resulting in a superior service to you.

Eco Friendly Construction

We work diligently and carefully to reduce our environmental impact by following industry standard, best management practices. 

High Quality Construction Management

Our team keeps a 30,000 foot view on every aspect of your project. Through learned expertise and careful guidance to our crews, we believe that we can work more precisely to keep your project on track, with less mistakes, and changes. 

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We’re qualified and ready to take on a wide variety of jobs of any size across a multitude of construction specialties. 

Our current NAICS qualification codes include but are not limited to, 22, 23, 236, 23611, 23621, 236210, 236220, 237, 2371, 23711, 2372, 23721,237210, 2379, 23799, 237990, 238, 2381, 23811, 238110, 23812, 238120, 23891, 238910, 23899, 238990, 237310. 

At this time, MSC serves the needs of residential, commercial, heavy and light civil construction. 

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We’ve Been Building For Over 20 years

MSC Contractors is a full service site contractor. Our company is registered in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. Additionally, MSC is a federally registered contractor.

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